Catalina Estrada

Cor Catalina Estrada

TODA UNA VIDA by Catalina Estrada


Catalina Estrada (b. Medellín, 1974) is a Colombian artist who has called Barcelona home since 1999. From the Catalan capital, she became known worldwide for her colorful style that draws on her roots, exuberant and unmistakable. Her illustrations are like patternsthat always reflect the pleasant side of life. If you’re looking for someone to draw hoy, look no further. It can then be transferred to agendas, notebooks, wallpapers, textiles, bags, umbrellas or shoes; or onto the labels Font Vella water bottles, the packagingof perfumes by her compatriot Shakira’s brand, or used in a governmental campaign to promote tourism in India or an Amnesty International campaign to raise awareness of gender-based violence called “Vivan las Mujeres” (“Long-live women”). Joy to highlight what is good, condemn what is bad, and also to commemorate a loved one who is no longer with us.

“Toda una vida me estaría contigo, no me importa en que forma ni cómo, ni donde, pero junto a tí…” (“I would spend a whole life with you, no matter where, when or how, as long as it is with you…”) the lyrics of this song are Catalina Estrada’s homage to our mothers and fathers who never stop taking care of us, even when they are no longer with us.