Jaime Hayon

Cor Online by Jaime Hayón

ONLINE by Jaime Hayon


It’s easy to fall in love with the work of Jaime Hayon (b. Madrid, 1974). For him, design is emotional and should always contain as much beauty as possible but also have a hint of fun. Having fun in your work, whatever it is, because it holds true for everything: it is fundamental to things turning out well. And if you want to make things beautiful on top of that, it requires a bit of talent and lot of effort. Jaime draws every day in his notebooks, no matter where he is. What Picasso said about inspiration – “When it comes, may it find me working” – must be true because it seems to come constantly for the designer from Madrid. You also need to know where to look for it. Hieronymus Bosch, the world of the circus and its madness, and fantasy in general were very present in the beginnings of his work. And of course, ceramics, which has been and continues to be a perfect medium for expressing his art.

In this case, Hayon has inspired himself and worked with the recognizable marks of his own style. He uses simple lines to illustrate his message as simply as possible. And we always have to be ONLINE, connected to our emotions, to give the best of ourselves.