INFINITE LOVE by Javirroyo


Everybody should have the chance to spend a couple hours of their life with Javier Royo (b. Zaragoza, 1972), professionally known as Javirroyo. Doctor’s orders. Nobody would recommend him, though, knowing his previous history as an illustrator on the editorial board of the satirical magazine El Virus Mutante or as the progenitor of La Cebolla Asesina or as the founder and editor of the online publication for graphic humor El Estafador. But don’t be fooled – he has a split personality. He had gotten off to a good start: he trained as a graphic designer in Bilbao and started Chispum in Barcelona, a brand of decorative wall decals. After that, he channeled his talent into appetizing book projects like Martín Berasategui y David de Jorge or La tortilla de patatas and, recently, he showed a more human side of himself in another book titled La Escuela, about his experience building a school in Senegal with foundawtion.

Solidarity, generosity and INFINITE LOVE. There couldn’t be more love in the piece that Javirroyo made for Tot Cor. Love, unabashedly and abundantly, that does not leave anybody out, to infinity and beyond.