Rosa Cortiella


PAISAJES by Rosa Cortiella


Rosa Cortiella (b. Barcelona, 1965) earned a Fine Arts degree with a focus on painting, and is also a sculptor and ceramicist. These three disciplines have mixed together in an organic way over the course of her career. Cortiella is always open to collaborating with other artists and designers because she knows doing so always enriches both her as a person and her work. Where others have misgivings, she sees opportunities for learning and sharing. She understands that we must give if we wish to receive – which she does generously and unabashedly, always guided by the curiosity to investigate and explore new paths. Born from experimenting with graphics, this collection is an example. The mastery of her work paired with the need to promote the voices of women in the art world made it clear that she needed to be part of this project.

Rosa Cortiella has treated the Cor vase like a blank canvas capable of suggesting or evoking PAISAJES (LANDSCAPES). Each of the pieces have a different name – Spring, Summer, etc. – because they are all one of a kind. Hand-painted using an engobetechnique, which involves superimposed layers to produce a subtle gradient effect.