los díez

Cor Laberinto de pasión by los díez vista perspectiva

Laberinto de pasión by los díez


Brothers Javier Díez (b. Madrid, 1966) and José Luis Díez (b. Madrid, 1968) run the Madrid-based studio los díez, which has been dedicated to product design for over 25 years and, since 2010, to the creation of visual poetry, poem objects and installations. There are other prestigious sibling duos in the contemporary design world that have been very successful together, such as the Campana or Bouroullec brothers, no doubt because many of their designs also have a hint of the poetic. To compose their poetry, los díez go further, deliberately using everyday images and objects in order transcend their common purpose, manipulating them to convey non-verbal messages and analogies that do not require translation.

Visual poetry is a genre that is very much our own, one with well-known exponents such as Joan Brossa in the field of art, Chema Madoz in the photography world, and Pedro Almodóvar on the big screen. LABERINTO DE PASIÓN (LABYRINTH OF PASSION) is an homage to the director and the passions that arise in and outside of his films.