Il Giardinetto

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TotCor Jarrón Cor Negro Il Giardinetto
TotCor Jarrón Cor Negro Il Giardinetto

Showcase in Il Giardineto


The restaurant Il Giardinetto is a classic in Barcelona, a landmark for eating well and spotting personalities from the cultural world. Its relaxing atmosphere, which has live piano music at certain hours, is a delight to any diner. It also boasts an exquisite interior design, which has received FAD awards on various occasions and serves as a peaceful and pleasurable setting for good food and good conversation. Its tables are host to all sorts of people, from judges, architects or designers to filmmakers, politicians, actresses or writers.

Poldo Pomés has managed the establishment for many years with the same wisdom and integrity in the kitchen and at the bar, offering and catering to all the possible arts: the art of dining, the art of social relationships and the art of keeping cultural alive through his famous bar interviews, which are followed by a large part of the cultural circuit of Barcelona. He cultivates the art of relationships with contemporary artists thanks to his small display window facing the street, establishing a relationship with passersby, clients and the greater visual culture. An enchanting place in every way, a gem of inestimable value in the heart of Barcelona.