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  • By Miralda
  • • This piece is part of a limited edition series of 10
  • Handmade ceramic piece, glazed in red.
  • The gold-plated centre piece and the graphic are enamelled in 18k gold.
  • Measurements 11 x 54 x 69 cm. From the end of the furthest rod to the other.
  • Weight approx. 2,5 Kg.
  • Box dimensions 21 x 61.8 x 71.5 cm.


Miralda, the international artist who has worked the most with food and rituals, now proposes a new celebration, gastronomic, cosmic and spiritual. This piece is conceived as a ceremony to drink in a group, to share, something that seems more and more distant and unattainable, it may even be forbidden one day, like so many things. The front of the piece speaks of mysticism and the back of worldly pleasures.
It is a complex piece of realization due to the large number of elements that make it up.


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Handmade in Barcelona.