Manifesto of the Heart. Pepa Reverter


“More love and solidarity, please!”


In this life we live, societies and their cultures, indeed, all of us human beings, are different. And if we want to live in peace and harmony, we know we must coexist with, adapt to and understand one another.


To make that happen, we need the right predisposition. And to have the right predisposition, we need the right attitude. But who is showing us how to have the right attitude? Our schools? Our families? Our public institutions? Our city representatives? Our politicians?


We need more Heart, more kindness, more willingness to find solutions. A few years ago I was talking to a fellow designer and friend when he said: “Good intentions don’t mean a thing.” To which I responded: “I strongly disagree with that statement. I believe we need good intentions, good manners, good deeds, good words and good gestures more than ever before.”


We are in the 21st century, a period Klaus Schwab has called the fourth industrial revolution. We face big challenges in the integration of technologies in all aspects of our society. The decisions we make have a crucial impact on the immediate future, which is why we cannot lose sight of the fact that, ultimately, we are the people who, with our attitude and behaviours, set the pace and course of history.


So are good intentions necessary or not?


From my humble point of view, I believe it is important to intervene and participate actively in our society wherever we might find ourselves. We need good intentions. It is also possible to be part of the revolution by embodying pacifist attitudes and with symbols that remind us that we can be better.


We all contribute in little ways. Mine is very little: it is just vase for putting flowers in, for reminding us every day that there is beauty in the world, and that, if we can, we have to show and share it.


Behind every image there is always an idea. And this vase is my way of saying we need more heart, more beauty and more ethics.


The heart is an age-old, universal symbol. It is known all over the world: we didn’t invent it! All we did was turn it into an object, give it a shape, make it visible so it could be present in space. So we could have it as an object in our home. Whether it is filled with fresh, paper or plastic flowers, with branches or nothing at all, it should be filled, whenever possible, with dreams and hopes so it can help make a better future. / Pepa Reverter


Before convincing the intellect,
it is necessary to touch
and influence the heart.


B. Pascal.