Only life lovers exhibition

Only Life Lovers at the Folio Club


Ana Teresa Macrillante and Miguel Angel Casares are the founders of The Folio Club, a space dedicated to design and digital offset printing that promotes independent editorial projects. We worked together on the Tot Cor exhibition entitled Only Life Lovers.

Every year the city of Barcelona hosts a number of events related to art, architecture and design. In the Poblenou neighborhood, one of the technological and innovation hubs of the city, numerous activities are organized by the Poblenou Urban District association, which is in charge of mobilizing and coordinating Open Day, Open Night, Off Llum Barcelona and Windows Art Circuit. Tot Cor participated in one of the competitions with The Folio Club.

They took care of the space and we took care of the content. We installed the Only Life Lovers exhibition as part of the Poblenou Urban District in the spring edition of 2019. The exhibition included ceramics, photography and illustration.