Tot Cor, el diseño del amor (“the design of love”)

Tot Cor, el diseño del amor (“the design of love”)
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TotCor, el diseño del amor

Tot Cor, el diseño del amor (“the design of love”) at the MNAD, in Madrid

Tot Cor, el diseño del amor (“the design of love”), is an exhibition that opened in January 2020 and will run until January 2021 at Spain’s National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid.

The exhibition comprised mostly contemporary ceramic designs alongside photographs and large-scale 3D-printed pieces. Tot Cor exhibited its entire collection and series of vases designed by artists and professionals from all over the world – a kaleidoscope of different perspectives, each of which uses the same format in its own visual language.

The visual tour began in the lobby where we were welcomed by the bench of love, a large-format piece produced by Adaequo and designed by Pepa Reverter – the perfect spot to take a seat and snap a quick photo. We asked all the all the visitors who sat down on the bench to show their love and their involvement in this project by taking a selfieand sharing it on social media.

The tour continued on the second floor, where the exhibition was located in an open room facing the lobby, a play of glances that enchanted the visitor. The building where the exhibition was held is full of surprises, which revealed themselves to visitors as they walked through the halls, staircases and mysterious spaces; each of its rooms containing treasures. The room dedicated to Tot Cor was a grand, open, square space, with small glass cabinets built into the walls to display the vases. A room perfectly tailored to the project.

It was all a declaration of intentions, an ode to life through an homage to decoration, art, design and craftsmanship. Pepa Reverter designed the Cor vase, curated the collaborations and managed the project. Involving artists, designers, interior designers, painters and illustrators from different places and generations was the best part of this adventure, which culminated in this fantastic setting in a portrait of the collective and contemporary.

The collaborations for the ceramic piece were made with Juli Capella, Lolita Cortés, Rosa Cortiella, Los díez, Meritxell Durán, Catalina Estrada, Jaime Hayón, Javirroyo, Miralda, Marre Moerel, Sergio Mora, Lázaro Rosa-Violán, Anna Ruíz, Jordi Torres y Ramón Úbeda. A list of artists that was incredibly diverse in terms of professions, styles, genres and generations. The result was a heterogeneous showcase of an iconic object, a huge family of hearts representing the huge cultural diversity that surrounds us.